ChildFund Deutschland e.V.

Project support
For the “Strengthening the House of Nanny Project”, which includes covering the basic needs of orphans and vulnerable children in the Rachuonyo District (Western Kenya) through the economic empowerment of their grandmothers/caregivers. The project is implemented through ChildFund Deutschland in collaboration with ChildFund Kenya and with the “Kendu-Bay Child and Family Program”. The project provides a sustainable income structure allowing 490 grandmothers/caregivers to meet the basic needs of 2450 orphaned and vulnerable children under their care beyond the project duration. The project’s objectives are to enhance the economic capacity of the grandmothers to provide for the nutrition, health, education and shelter needs of the children as well as, to establish viable income-generating activities for 98 grandmothers, and to provide two youth groups of 15 members each with skills in Program Design and Management of small scale income-generating activities. In addition, up to 20 members will be equipped with skills to address HIV/AIDS stigma and discrimination against children and their caregivers and to develop stigma-reduction programs.

ChildFund Deutschland e.V. is a child-focused community development association. The purpose of this not-for-profit organization is to promote development cooperation, mainly by supporting disadvantaged, excluded and endangered children through projects in more than 30 countries of Africa, Asia, Latin and Central America and Eastern Europe. ChildFund Deutschland has 3 core program areas which are: Care and Development of Infants and Children; Quality Learning Opportunities and Enhancing Achievements in Basic Education; and Leadership and Livelihood Skills for Youth. Their activities always include community representative bodies that guide the global development process.