Child Care Service “Anarrotirio Pentelis”

Renovations and vehicle
A part of the Foster Care Institution Support Program

To support the replacement of door frames along the internal corridor leading to the Center’s dormitories, and the purchase of a car to transport the children to and from hospitals as well as, to their educational and leisure activities.

The  Child Care Service “Anarrotirio Pentelis” was founded in 1937.  It is a public institution, which comes under the jurisdiction of the 1st Regional Healthcare Administration of Attica. It is managed by a five-member Board of Directors, whose members are selected by the Minister of Health & Social Solidarity.

The Center’s mission is to care for unprotected children who are in need of State support. The Center currently accommodates 34 babies and infants up to 6 years old. The children are tended to by pediatric nurses, and monitored by pediatricians and psychologists on a regular basis.

The Center operates adoption and foster care programs. Adoptive parents are solely responsible for the upbringing of their adopted children for life, while foster parents receive advice and financial support from the Center. The length of time children spend with foster families is determined on a case-by-case basis.