Cerebral Palsy Greece

For the reconfiguration of a building into a supported living center for people with disabilities, which will secure sustainable living conditions for adults whose families are no longer able to take care of them at home. The “Foteini” Center will accommodate up to 9 people and will include single and twin bedrooms, a kitchen, bathrooms, an office, a staff room, and common living and dining rooms.

Cerebral Palsy Greece was founded in 1972 with the purpose of providing care for people suffering from cerebral palsy. CPG is aimed at the systematic provision of services to adults with cerebral palsy and ongoing support to their families, the eradication of discrimination against people with cerebral palsy and the training and further education of specialized staff. It also works towards raising public awareness, supporting scientific research, particularly with regards to prevention, and promoting legislative and government measures in favor of disabled people.