Center for Asia Minor Studies

Projects support
For a researcher for the 2006-2007 academic year, and digitizing and preserving the photographic archive.
Musicologist Melpo Logotheti-Merlier and her Hellenist husband Octave Merlier established The Center for Mikrasiatic Studies in 1930 following the 1922 Catastrophe in Asia Minor and the subsequent exchange of populations between Greece and Turkey. 
The Center’s goal is to reconstruct the memory and civilization of over a million refugees.  Since the Center’s establishment, it has compiled a unique historical archive with over 150,000 handwritten pages.  These pages are supplemented by codes, manuscripts, documents and seals, as well as a rich photographic archive.  The Center also maintains the Musical and Folklore Archive, which consists of manuscripts, rare phonographic recordings, an instrument library, and a record and book collection.