Bios – Exploring Urban Culture

For the completion of the organization's new premises, where a consulting space for new entrepreneurs from the creative industries will be created.

The first Artistic Incubator of Athens will be housed at the restored historical building of Romantzo magazine, located in the heart of Athens, in the underprivileged neighborhood of Gerani. A vibrant cultural hub will be created where new creative/artistic start-up groups will be accommodated for a time period of one to three years until they are in the position to become self-sustained in the free market. 

The Cultural Organization Bios is a non-profit organization that was established in 2001 with the main goal of promoting contemporary arts, their relations with new media and technology, and the interconnection of different artistic fields. Since its inception, Bios has been responsible for curating a variety of events, such as concerts, theatrical performances, screenings, exhibitions, workshops, educational programs, festivals, and the launching of creative platforms.