Athens Friends of the Forest Association - Filodassiki Enosi Athinon

For the replacement of traditional wooden barriers on the roads and spaces surrounding the Monastery of Kaissariani, the purchase of a freezer to store and preserve the seeds of the seed bank in the Botanical Garden in Kaissariani, and the procurement of a wooden shed that will be installed on the premises.

The Athens Friends of the Forest Association was founded in 1899 for the purpose of reforesting bare stretches of land, developing a forest-friendly culture and protecting the natural environment. During the course of the last century, the Friends of the Forest Association has initiated reforestation activities on the hills of Lycabettus, Philopappou, Arditos, Nymphs and Pnyka, and the Acropolis, as well as on Mt. Ymittos, in the area around the Monastery of Kaissariani. In addition, they have created a small Botanical Garden and a Plant Nursery in Kaissariani. In the last few years, the Association has expanded its reforestation initiatives to areas outside of Attica. One of its most important activities is the management, reforestation and protection of the “Aesthetic Forest” around the Monastery of Kaissariani, which has been included on the list of protected sites of the European “Natura 2000” Network. The Friends of the Forest Association has received awards by the Athens Academy, the European Union and the U.S. Ford Foundation for its work.