Asociacion Cultural Norte Joven

Program support
For electricity workshops in the Villa de Vallecas center.
This social and professional integration program includes over two years of vocational training for 17 young people to become home electricians certified in low voltage work.   
Other components of the training include basic education (mathematics or computing), social skills development, particularly communication skills, and instruction in job search skills, health and sports education, and extracurricular leisure activities. The program also provides support with the job search process and follow-up support at work.
The Asociacion Cultural Norte Joven was created in Madrid in 1985 with the goal of promoting the social and professional integration of disadvantaged groups through personalized training plans focused on the professional and personal qualifications necessary to become part of the labor market. The training offered by the association features workshops with educational and social activities focused on personal development. The main target groups of the association are young Spanish people at risk of failing school and who face socio-economic problems, young immigrants with integration difficulties, and unemployed marginalized adults.