Amorium Excavation Project, Greek Team - Program Support - Stavros Niarchos Foundation

Amorium Excavation Project, Greek Team

Program Support
Partial funding for the preliminary phase of the archaeological excavations of the Large Building at the Byzantine city of Amorium in Asia Minor

The project is being conducted by the Greek Archaeological Team, and includes thorough cleaning of the area, detailed topographical and architectural surveys of previously excavated parts of the building, the survey of the immediate adjacent areas, and the classification and digitization of archival material from previous excavations.

The Amorium Excavation Project began in 1989 under the direction of Professor R. Martin Harrison from Oxford University. Systematic excavations over the past twenty years have brought to light new information about the site, as well as some remarkable finds that make Amorium one of the most important excavation sites for the understanding of the history of the Byzantine world.