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DIALOGUES: Climate Change
29 JANUARY 2020

The effects of our present climate emergency are becoming increasingly evident in innumerable aspects of life on Earth. Increasing global temperatures, rising sea levels, extreme weather phenomena, ocean acidification, melting ice, and depletion of glaciers threaten food production, make certain coastal areas uninhabitable, drive species to extinction, and lead to the forcible displacement of human and animal populations.

The SNF DIALOGUES opened 2020 with a discussion that concerns us all. On Wednesday, January 29 we met at the Goulandris Natural History Museum to talk about climate change. We reviewed the scientific evidence, discussed the roles of technology and education in tackling climate change, and examined use and abuse of the term “climate change, ” now ubiquitous in social activism and the international political agenda.

Eleni Andreadis, Αuthor, Educator and Sustainability Specialist and Founder of the non-profit organization Planet Agents
Evangelos Gerasopoulos, Research Director National Observatory of Athens
Phoebe Koundouri, Prof. of School of Economics and ReSEES Laboratory 
Director, Athens University of Economics and Business; President-Elect European AERE; Director EIT Climate KIC Hub Greece, European Institute of Innovation and Technology; Co-Chair United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network-Greece; Chair European Forest Institute; Member Climate Change Committee, Greek Ministry of Environment and Energy.
Iosif Botetzagias, Associate Professor of Environmental Politics & Policy at the Department of Environment, University of the Aegean

Climate & Energy Campaigner of Greenpeace in Greece, Takis Grigoriou, Director WWF Greece Demetres Karavellas, and the President of The Goulandris Natural History Museum, Fali Vogiatzaki, also participated in a brief intervention.

*The opinions expressed by DIALOGUES participants are solely their own and do not necessarily represent the views of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF) or the SNF DAILOGUES team. Speakers’ remarks are made freely, without prior guidance or intervention from the team.

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