23 MARCH 2016 / Announcement of the program “Positive care for dementia” with the support of the SNF

On Tuesday, March 22nd, the “Positive care for dementia” program was presented to the media, which is implemented by Alzheimer’s Disease International - ADI, in collaboration with Alzheimer Hellas.

The program began in January 2016, and is expected to be completed in April, and it is being realized at a pilot stage in Greece, aiming to train 1,000 caregivers and 600 health professionals across the country. The main objective of the two-day seminars which are organized as part of the program is to train caregivers and health professionals by utilizing the latest data on disease management (communication and patient care, activities and environment, self-care for caregivers, instructions for professionals) and to transfer this expertise to Greek experts.

The initiative aims to address the largest possible geographical reach and to provide the appropriate knowledge to all those who do not reside in large urban centers. According to ADI data, 197,000 patients with dementia were documented in Greece during 2015, while by 2050, this number is estimated to reach 354,000.