The “Journey to the SNFCC” continues, visiting 23 additional cities across Greece
27 JANUARY 2015

Following the public’s warm response to its year-long journey, the cultural and educational program “Journey to the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center” extend its scope beyond Attica, carrying the message of the SNFCC to 23 additional cities across Greece.

With an enriched schedule of events, and continuing while building on its original objective for free access for all to the Arts, Education and Environmental Culture, the “Journey to the SNFCC” will visit 23 cities across the country, between January and May 2015, giving the opportunity to even more people to get to know the SNFCC, through a creative and informative journey of inspiration and entertainment.

Since its launch, in November 2013, until today, the “Journey to the SNFCC” has visited a total of 19 municipalities across Attica, while 7,388 people of all ages have participated in approximately 67 cultural, educational and creative activities which were carried out under the Program, strengthening and renewing the citizens’ relationship with Culture, Education and the Environment.

With an eye to 2016, marking the opening of the SNFCC, this new phase of the “Journey to the SNFCC” Program will include the following events:

A new production by the GNO’s “Suitcase Opera”, performing Bizet’s legendary Carmen. One of the most famous operas worldwide, is presented in unusual places supported by a fabulous cast of GNO soloists who, instead of an orchestra, will be accompanied by a pianist, whereas all its stage sets are being carried in a… suitcase. The distinguished director, Angela-Kleopatra Saroglou has transported the story revolving around the fiery feelings of Corporal Don José for Carmen, a gypsy girl, to modern Spain through the aesthetics of Pedro Almodovar’s film-making. 

Educational events aiming to familiarize audiences with the opera and to promote lyrical talent: In 12 of the cities where performances will be held, the Greek National Opera will also hold two-day seminars on opera art, addressed to young people aged 16-32, who will be taught the basic principles of vocal technique and stage action. The purpose of these seminars is to locate, encourage and promote young artists from all across Greece, who wish to pursue opera singing. Seminar participants will be selected after auditions. Furthermore, the GNO will conduct introductory sessions to music and primary education schools of all visited cities, familiarizing students to with opera and lyrical art, aiming to offer a better understanding of the particular artforms.

Educational Program for children, entitled “Collecting Experiences”: An educational program for children, which takes place at Public & Municipal Libraries and at the organizations and bodies which take part in the “Journey to the SNFCC”. The program encourages children to use a different approach in discovering the organization coordination of a complex multifaceted artistic event in their city, which encompasses music, reading, theater and the environment.

From January to May 2015, the “Journey to the SNFCC” will visit the following cities (in alphabetical order): Agios Nikolaos, Agrinio, Alexandroupoli, Chania, Corfu, Corinth, Drama, Grevena, Heraklion, Ioannina, Kalamata, Kastoria, Konitsa, Lamia, Larissa, Livadia, Nafpaktos, Preveza, Sparta, Thessaloniki, Tripoli, Veria and Volos.

Upcoming events of the “Journey to the SNFCC” program for the following cities: Lamia, Nafpaktos, Larissa and Volos


“Suitcase Opera” performances by the GNO:

-January 29: Lamia – Municipal Theatre of Lamia (Ipsilantou 24, Lamia)

-February 01: Nafpaktos – Papaharalambios Hall (Mesologiou 40, Nafpaktos)

-February 13: Larissa – Municipal Conservatory of Larissa (Laou Square, Larissa)

-February 15: Volos – Municipal Cultural Center of Nea Ionia (Mandilara-Stadiou, Nea Ionia, Volos)


Priority tickets will be issued, one hour before the scheduled start time of events. 

Educational events aiming to familiarize audiences with the opera and to promote lyrical talent 

-Lamia, January 27-29: Municipal Conservatory of Lamia, Achilleos and Diovounioti, Lamia


Educational Program for children, entitled “Collecting Experiences”

Throughout the GNO’s stay in each city, but also before and after its visit, the Public and Municipal Libraries and the collaborating cultural and educational organizations, will implement an educational program for children, entitled “Collecting Experiences”. 

For a detailed schedule of events for each city, and for any other information, please contact the following:

-LAMIA: Central Public Library of Lamia: Aninianon 6-8, Lamia | tel. +30 2231050570

-NAFPAKTOS: Papaharalambios Central Public Library: Kozoni 7, Nafpaktos | tel. +30 2634027388

-LARISSA: Larissa Central Public Library “Konstantinos Koumas”: eikostis ogdois oktovriou 9, Larissa | tel. +30 2410531973

-VOLOS: Neapoli Children’s Library (ΚΔΑΠ) of the Municipality of Volos: Neapoleos 76, Volos | tel. +30 2421064336


You can download the detailed schedule of events from the SNFCC website. 

Admission to all events of the Program will be free. 

The “Journey to the SNFCC” Program is implemented with an exclusive grant from the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF), by the SNFCC in collaboration with the Greek National Opera, the organization Future Library and the support of the National Library of Greece.