Renovation of the Multi-purpose Hall of “Anarrotirio Pentelis”
26 November 2014

Οn November 26th, the renovated multi-purpose hall of the Child Care Service “Anarrotirio Pentelis” was inaugurated.

The SNF had supported with a grant the execution of repair and renovation works, including the complete renovation of the multi-purpose hall and the playground. Τhe multi-purpose hall was named in honor of the Foundation.

The Child Care Service “Anarrotirio Pentelis” was founded in 1937. The Center’s mission is to care for unprotected children who are in need of State support. The Center currently accommodates 34 babies and infants up to 6 years old. The children are tended to by pediatric nurses, and monitored by pediatricians and psychologists on a regular basis. The Center operates adoption and foster care programs.