Inauguration of the Stavros Niarchos Hostel at the General University Hospital of Alexandroupolis
30 November 2009

The Stavros Niarchos Hostel at the General University Hospital of Alexandroupolis will be inaugurated on Sunday, December 6th at noon. The inauguration ceremony for the hostel, which is already in operation and currently housing several people, will be conducted by the Metropolitan Bishop of Alexandroupolis, the Very Reverend Anthimos, on St. Nicholas’ Day, the day the town’s Saint is celebrated.

The hostel, with 29 double rooms and serving the broader Northern Greece region, was built to house patients’ relatives, particularly those who are from out of town and who do not have access to affordable local accommodations. Select patient cases, such as those with cancer and kidney failure, can also be hosted at the hostel, allowing these patients to be spared the emotional and practical difficulties and cost of getting to and from the hospital. The hostel is fully furnished and equipped with the latest technology, including entertainment facilities and safety equipment. The Foundation’s grant was realized through the not-for-profit Association of Cancer Patients and Friends of the Prefecture of Evros “SynehiZO”, which aims at supporting cancer patients, and their friends and relatives. 
The hostel in Alexandroupolis is the third one funded by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation.  The Foundation also supported the creation of a hostel in Ioannina  and one in Iraklio, Crete Island for the relatives of poor patients who are admitted for treatment in local university hospitals. The completion of this third hostel creates a “virtual triangle” that embraces the country from North to South and helps to provide comfort to those in need. 
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