Special Advisory Committee

The members of the Special Advisory Committee (SAC) appointed by the Greek state, the SNF representatives, and representatives of Hill International (Project Manager) participating in meetings are listed below:

1) Prime Minister’s Office
Vassilis Andrikopoulos, Special Advisor, SAC Coordination
Maria Diamadi, General Secretary of the Prime Minister’s Office
Marios Themistocleous, SAC Coordination
Panagiotis Petropoulos, Legal Counsel 

2) Ministry of Health
Efthimios Anagnostopoulos, Associate to the Minister

3) Ministry of Education & Religious Affairs
Olga Gianniadi, Associate to the Minister

4) Ministry of Finance
Constantinos Tsamadias, Professor Emeritus of Economic Evaluation of Investments
Christos Karaplis, Director of Minister’s Office

5) Ministry of Environment & Energy
Konstantinos Aravossis, Secretary-General for Environment & Energy

6) Ministry of Infrastructure & Transport
Ioannis Karnesis, General Director for Transportation Infrastructure

7) National Center for Emergency Care (EKAV)
Nikos Papaefstathiou, President of EKAV

8) Faculty of Nursing, School of Health Sciences, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
Prof. Chrysoula Lemonidou, Head of Faculty of Nursing

9) Athens Evangelismos General Hospital
Naya Mitsaki, Hospital Administrator

10) Hill International
Manolis Sigalas, Vice President & Managing Director Southern Europe, Hill International
Phaidon Perrakis, Architect, Sr. Design Manager, Hill International

11) Stavros Niarchos Foundation
Andreas C. Dracopoulos, Co-President
George Agouridis, Μember and Legal Advisor of the Board of Directors 
Heini Murer, Μember of the Board of Directors
Ambassador Vassilis Kaskarelis, Advisor to the Board of Directors
Vasili Tsamis, Chief Administrative Officer 
Christina Lambropoulou, Chief Financial Officer
Panos Papoulias, Co-Chief Operating Officer
Stelios Vasilakis, Chief Programs & Strategic Initiatives Officer
Theodore Maravelias, Chief Technical Grants Officer
Emmanouil Vazaios, Chief Information & Technology Officer
Kostas Liveris, Deputy Chief Technical Grants Officer
Lina Giotaki, Chief Legal Counsel
Panos Vazaios, Program Officer
George Michalakopoulos, Senior Technical Grants Officer
Asimina Koutroumpousi, Creative Director
Dr. Panagiotis Koulouvaris, External Advisor
Dr. Charis Roussos, External Advisor