Lower East Side Tenement Museum

Endowment support
To endow the Greek-Sephardic apartment and tour on the first floor of the Museum’s landmarked 97 Orchard Street tenement. The apartment and tour are the living history interpretation of the Confino family’s experience and their struggles as they moved from Kastoria, Greece, and put down roots on the Lower East Side.     

The Lower East Side Tenement Museum was founded in 1988. The Museum focuses on helping inform a national audience about the role of immigration in shaping America’s open society and democratic culture. In presenting the history of immigration, the Tenement Museum interprets a phenomenon that has built New York. The Lower East Side’s historic immigrants are brought to life in an 1863 tenement that housed 7,000 people from 20 different nations before it was condemned as unfit for occupancy in 1935. The Museum has transformed this once-abandoned building into the core of its permanent collection and exhibitions, and a symbol of the immigration experience.