The Stavros Niarchos Foundation offers a limited number of paid internships to its three offices to qualified candidates interested in exploring the world of philanthropy and not-for-profit organizations. The internships provide the opportunity to gain insight into the operations of a philanthropic organization and to experience and understand the philosophy and work of different grantees/organizations that offer a variety of services and programs in the areas of arts & culture, social welfare, education, and health and sports.

In addition, as part of its Recharging the Youth initiative the SNF with an exclusive grant supports a wide ranging paid internship program at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center, aimed at  helping to create new opportunities for Greece’s younger generations, which are severely impacted by the country’s current alarming unemployment rate.

The SNFCC in Athens is the Foundation’s largest single grant and includes the new facilities of the National Library of Greece and the Greek National Opera as well as the Stavros Niarchos Park. On February 23rd the SNF delivered the SNFCC as a gift to the Greek society and the Greek State, which is responsible for its operation. 

The individuals applying for an internship at the SNF will be chosen by the Foundation. Applications for the internship program at the SNFCC will be handled directly by the SNFCC and the SNF will have no involvement in the selection process.  

Please note that candidates cannot apply for both programs at the same time. Please contact either the SNF or the SNFCC (depending on where you have applied for an internship) for any clarifications.

For SNF applications please contact: [email protected] 

For SNFCC applications please contact: [email protected]

Internships at the SNF:

Application Open: 
November 2017

Selection Process: 
Coming soon 

Internships offered:


Jan-Mar up to 7 internships
Sep-Nov up to 7 internships
May-Jul up to 8 internships


Jan-Mar up to 1 internship
Sep-Nov up to 1 internship
May-Jul up to 1 internship


Jan-Mar up to 1 internship
Sep-Nov up to 1 internship
May-Jul up to 1 internship


Internships at the SNFCC Application Open:

Key information

  • Total available positions: 60
  • Commencement of internship program: June 1-7 2017
  • Duration of internship program: June 2017 – January 15 2018
  • Application period opening: May 5 2017
  • Application deadline: May 19 2017, 16.00 (Athens time)
  • Draw for the first type of internships: May 22 2017
  • Draw for the second type of internships: May 24 2017
  • Interviews: May 26-31 2017 (interviews will be conducted only for the second type of internships)
  • Applications will be accepted only through
  • People that have already participated in an SNFCC internship program, as well as relatives (up to the third degree) of SNFCC AE staff members are not eligible to apply


Please note that candidates cannot apply for an SNF and an SNFCC internship at the same time.