Summer Investigative Reporting Course

Over three weeks, journalists examine the very deliberate, structured process of investigative journalism, how stories are conceived, researched and written. We explain how to decide when an idea should be a long-term project, basics for launching into the story, testing and retesting the hypothesis throughout the investigation, shifting direction when the reporting justifies it, and techniques to use in getting started. A strong focus is placed on resources available worldwide that journalists can use to conduct investigations in their regions. Students will be asked to arrive with at least one idea for an investigative project they want to work on upon their return to the workplace. Then, using the lessons learned during the course, they are to develop, refine and build on the idea, finally presenting it to classmates in the final week for their feedback. Workshops will be taught on retrieving data from outside sources, and analyzing the data and using tools to visualize it for readers. Instruction will include acquiring and using public records found worldwide, utilizing financial documents, interviewing techniques, structuring an investigative story, using multimedia to support projects, writing and editing a long-form narrative, digital security to protect information and sources, ethics and more. 

This program is suited for journalists who are reporting the stories, as well as editors who manage the story projects, and professors who teach investigative journalism. While much of the discussion focuses on developing a major project, insights gained throughout the course can also be used in everyday reporting of breaking news and beat reporting.

This program is for established journalists who can provide work samples from published or broadcast news media organizations. This workshop requires that participants already have an extensive background in journalism. Participants are strongly encouraged to arrive with an advanced skill-level in use of Excel and other database management programs to enhance their data training experience.

The program takes place between July 8 and July 26, 2019

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