Columbia Journalism Video Workshop

Columbia Journalism School faculty teach you how to tell your story through video. This three-week course focuses on the essentials: how to conceive of and structure a story, how to handle a camera, how to use post-production software, and how to combine audio and video components to deliver a story. The program is structured for interactive discussion and lab work, which is done in small groups, to maximize the learning process and encourage individual progress. Throughout the program, students meet with industry innovators and leading video producers, as well as visit the video newsrooms of mid- and large-size news organizations, such as Vice, Mashable and The New York Times. These opportunities to meet and observe those working in this fast-shifting field allow students to access to networking opportunities and first-hand insight on how to deliver multimedia journalism that is effective and engaging.

Over the course of the program, students will identify, research, and report out several original stories. These stories will deepen in complexity and sophistication as students’ understanding of the tools and techniques improve, and as they learn from professional critique sessions. Each student should leave with at least one complete video story.

This program is suitable for professional journalists with little to moderate experience in multimedia journalism.

The program takes place between June 10 and June 28, 2019

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