Rehabilitation Center for Disabled Children of Voula

Renovation works
For the complete reconstruction of three autonomous buildings into dormitories for the children, the upgrading of the heating system for most of the buildings located in the complex, and the installation of Photovoltaic Panels.

PIKPA was originally established in 1914 to provide care for victims of war. It later evolved into a welfare organization for the care and protection of children. In 1950, the Rehabilitation Center for children was founded, with a capacity of 400 beds and a separate cerebral palsy unit, in the space which now houses the Rehabilitation Center for Disabled Children of Attica (KAAPAA). KAAPAA is a public institution which comes under the supervision of the Ministry of Labor Social Security and Welfare. It currently caters for 162 children and adults, with severe mental retardation or physical disabilities, the majority of whom are abandoned.