United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

Program support
For support of an educational program to promote tolerance, respect, peace and democratic discourse and for the prevention of racial prejudice. The program is addressed to young generations, educators, parents, as well as the general public, and aims to intervene in 3 ways: (1) training teachers and educators; (2) raising student awareness, with educational programs in 23 schools reaching over 450 students in total; and (3) engaging parents’ associations as well as surrounding communities, reaching over 400 parents and community members. The plan will be mainly carried out through the use of specialized workshops and seminars and will focus on Athens, but will include schools in Thessaloniki, Rethymno and Mitilini – key areas where immigration and racism phenomena are observed. 

The Office of the UNHCR in Greece has been operating since March 1952. It collaborates with the government, NGOs and other agencies and organizations in order to ensure the protection of refugees, asylum seekers and all people protected within the mandate of the UNHCR. Furthermore, it strives to inform and sensitize the public about refugee issues in order to create a climate of tolerance and respect for the rights of refugees.