Organization Earth

Program support
For the implementation of a series of educational seminars for the unemployed, entitled “Introduction to Agriculture.” A series of seminars will take place that will be addressed to underprivileged social groups who are at the same time both unemployed and willing to relocate from Athens to the province in order to work in the agricultural sector. Five nine-week cycles will be offered, and a total of 80 people will be educated in each seminar. Basic agricultural training on the topic of biological agriculture will be provided, offering 4 theoretical and 12 practical hours of training on a weekly basis. All courses will take place at the organization’s premises.
Organization Earth was founded in January 2010. Since then, they operate a model open environmental education center called “Center of the Earth,” which is located in Ilion, at the heart of Western Attica. The organization’s goal is the dissemination of the Environmental Social Intelligence (ESI), namely the information, education and awareness-raising of society on contemporary issues that the environment at large is facing, as well as the ways in which active citizens can contribute to the protection of the environment and the upgrading of their living standards.