Municipality of Thessaloniki - Arsis

For the creation of the first overnight shelter for the homeless in Greece and the first shelter structure in Thessaloniki, with a capacity to accommodate 80 persons. The shelter will follow best practice models from abroad and adopt an overnight structure, whereby individuals who are registered can spend the night at the shelter but are required to leave in the morning. The operation of the shelter will be complemented by important services for the vulnerable populations involved, including emergency medical assistance (and appropriate referrals), social services and psychological support. The creation of the shelter is the result of a close collaboration between Arsis and the Municipality of Thessaloniki, which has donated the space and will cover all operational costs.

Arsis was founded in 1992 and specializes in youth social support as well as the support of youth human rights. Arsis has been very effective in combating child trafficking through comprehensive programs in collaboration with State and EU agencies.