Association for the Psychosocial Health of Children And Adolescents (A.P.H.C.A.)

Program support
For the implementation of a comprehensive multidisciplinary intervention program on bullying over a period of two years, which will develop into two separate, yet complementary, axes and will be based on the innovative theory of mentalization. 

The first axis involves the implementation of an intervention program in 10 junior high schools with the participation of 200 educators and 2,000 students. 

The second axis involves the establishment of an Anti-Bullying Center which will provide psychological support to both victims of bullying and bullies themselves, and educators who participate in the program and require special supportive therapy, as well as to students, families and educators who are not involved in the program and are in need of counseling and psychological support.

The Association for the Psychosocial Health of Children and Adolescents (A.P.H.C.A.) is a scientific nonprofit organization, which was founded in 1991, aiming to develop activities concerning the mental health of children and adolescents. Within this framework, it has developed a network of mental health services which includes: a hostel for children, which has the capacity of providing accommodation and support to 8 children aged 5 to 12 whose parents face mental health problems and cannot take care of them; a day center for adolescents who suffer from mental disorders; an educational center where seminars for mental health specialists, educators and social welfare professionals are provided; and two counseling help lines, one for parents, educators and specialists from the mental health field, and one for children and adolescents. Since 2005, the organization has been active in the field of school bullying prevention and intervention with the implementation of a variety of programs addressed to elementary school children.