Education in Philanthropy

Program support
For the development of two complementary educational programs on the role of Philanthropy, NGOs and grant-making Foundations. Given the need for the creation of a widespread philanthropic culture that will assist in alleviating suffering, especially during the current socio-economic crisis, the SNF took the initiative to establish two complementary educational programs. The aim of these programs is to promote social solidarity, fundraising activities and volunteerism in order to address the need for more experienced NGO staff members. 

The first program includes an inter-departmental master’s course on social solidarity and NGO management, which will be offered to postgraduate students from four Greek public universities.
The second program includes the creation of an Autumn School with the aim of training Greek NGO staff in fundraising and successfully implementing projects.

The former program will run under the auspices of the department of Political Science and Public Administration of the University of Athens, and the latter under the auspices of the department of Political Science and International Relations Studies and the department of Economics of the University of the Peloponnese.