Artos - Drassi

Program support
Part of the Initiative against poverty and homelessness in Greece.

Further to the set-up of capacity, in terms of staff and facilities, in 2011, we have renewed our support of the Artos Drassi food aid program, which involves the assistance with food aid of over 3,500 persons and the distribution of over 100,000 meals – either directly or through the assistance of other NGOs. The program is run through the two main operational centers in Ilioupoli and Aspropyrgos, which include kitchen facilities, as well as another three units in impoverished areas in Attica. The program also includes an educational and training component for over 250 unskilled young adults in the impoverished area of Aspropyrgos. 

Artos-Drassi focuses on assisting families in poverty, primarily with the provision of food aid. It operates as a food bank with a distribution network, and focuses on the collection of excess food and its distribution to the target groups in need. They also provide wider support according to needs, including provision of clothing, supportive teaching, assistance at home and employment counseling. Relying on a network of 650 volunteers, it collects and distributes food through its network of 9 divisions across Greece. Since its establishment in 1998, Artos-Drassi has assisted more than 250,000 people, averaging 20,000 individuals and over 200 tons of food annually.