Program support
Part of the Initiative against poverty and homelessness in Greece.

To support the Social Housing Program and three Day Care Centers for the Homeless in Athens, Piraeus and Thessaloniki.

The Social Housing Program is aimed at preventing homelessness and supporting families in poverty. The program works with unemployed families in Attica and Thessaloniki which are at the brink of eviction and which face severe financial difficulties. It focuses on needs-specific support, with the emphasis on financial assistance, which allows the families to maintain their financial and thus residential independence. The program includes financial assistance with home security and additional aid throughout this time period, to allow for the assistance to bear fruit. The program includes support from social workers, employment specialists, financial literacy experts and psychologists, who will work with each family with a targeted and goal-based strategy for the purpose of empowering them to escape poverty in a sustainable way.

The Day Care Centers for the homeless in Athens, Piraeus and Thessaloniki provide relief support and rehabilitation assistance. The centers include washing facilities, a children’s corner and , a resting area, and offers sleeping bags, snacks, clean clothes and shoes  and hygiene kits, as well as an extensive range of targeted social services, including medical, psychological and skill building/employment support, as well as accessibility to a network of related services around town. The program also includes a significant street work component to reach homeless persons in need across the city.  

PRAKSIS aims at the development, application and implementation of humanitarian and medical action programs. Praksis programs continue the work of the Greek arm of Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF, Doctors Without Borders) since 2004. Based on two Polyclinics in Athens and Thessaloniki, these programs offer immediate and free medical and pharmaceutical care, psychological and social support, legal aid, shelter and career advice to undeserved  populations, including immigrants and refugees, the poor, Roma populations, victims of trafficking, homeless and uninsured Greeks, as well as any social group excluded from services related to healthcare, social and legal support.