University of Athens

Medical School – Program support
The grant pertains to the overall coordination and evaluation of the Mental Health Promotion Program for Children, Adolescents and Young Adults by the faculty members of the post-graduate program entitled: “Disaster Medicine and Health Crisis Management.”

In addition to the above grant, the Stavros Niarchos Foundation has also approved another two smaller-scale grants to the University of Athens Medical School. The first one will be used to enrich the collections of the University’s Scientific Library, and the second to cover travel and accommodation expenses for the participation of ten students on the aforementioned post-graduate program in a hands-on medical intervention program in Africa.

The post-graduate program entitled: “Disaster Medicine and Health Crisis Management” is a two-year course addressed to medical doctors, nurses and other health professionals whose aim is to follow a career in Public Health Services, Civil Defense agencies, in European and international health bodies, as well as in relief or development NGOs. The program focuses on subjects such as the following: Emergency and Disaster Medicine, Tropical Medicine, and Epidemiological Surveillance and Monitoring of Refugee and Displaced Populations.