Hellenic Systemic Thinking and Family Therapy Association

Program support
The grant is part of the  Mental Health Promotion Program for Children, Adolescents and Young Adults.

For the implementation of a program pertaining to the training of mental health professionals from the Greek provinces whose work involves the psycho-social care of children, in order to render them qualified to work in this field. The training will focus on the systemic approach and will apply the family psychotherapy model. These professionals, upon the completion of their training, will also train their colleagues, thus adhering to the train-the-trainer model.

The Hellenic Systemic Thinking and Family Therapy Association is a non-profit scientific society that was established in 1999. Its main goals are the promotion of systemic psychotherapy for families and other groups in order to achieve better results in combating and preventing mental disorders, the training of specialists in family psychotherapy and the promotion of collaborations between scientists with different approaches to psychotherapy.