Eginition Hospital, Eating Disorders Unit

Program support
This grant is part of the Mental Health Promotion Program for Children, Adolescents and Young Adults.

To support the implementation of a pilot action program to treat Eating Disorders in adolescents and young adults. The program will employ two relatively new therapeutic multi-family treatment and family psychoeducation interventions for eating disorders. In addition, the program includes the production of informational and phychoeducational materials, and the organization of open discussions and events, addressed to sufferers and their families. Several organizations engaged in the treatment of eating disorders will come together and collaborate to implement the program’s actions.

The Eating Disorders Unit of the 1st University of Athens Psychiatric Clinic operates out of the Eginition Hospital. It was established in 1990, originally as an outpatient clinic, and became a separate Unit in 2004; it runs programs both within and outside the hospital, providing individual psychotherapy, group psychoeducation to sufferers, family psychoeducation, and dialectic behavior therapy to patients suffering from eating disorders and borderline personality disorder.