Refugee and Immigrant Support Program

Program support
The Refugee and Immigrant Support Program aims to provide medical, psychological, legal and consulting support to the vulnerable refugee and immigrant communities in Greece. 

Greece has been both a destination and, lately, a transit country for large groups of immigrants and refugees from different countries around the world. Following the influx of immigrants from the former communist regimes of Eastern Europe in the 1990s, Greece is now experiencing pressure from large and growing numbers of immigrants and refugees from Africa and Asia – most of whom are heading to other European countries. It is estimated that over 70% of all immigrant populations heading to Europe pass through Greece. In 2010, more than 132,500 migrants were apprehended in Greece, the majority of them while crossing the Greek-Turkish border in Evros.

The Program involves the following separate, yet complementary, axes:

(a) Provision of medical and psychological support to apprehended migrants in the Detention Centers and the border police stations in Evros, as well as the exit points of Patra and Igoumenitsa, in collaboration with Doctors without Borders Greece;

(b) Border monitoring and legal aid for migrants and refugees at Reception and Detention Centers, in collaboration with the Greek Council for Refugees;

(c) Health services support for immigrants and refugees in Athens and Thessaloniki, in collaboration with Praksis;

(d) Seminars and consulting services for the empowerment and social integration of legal immigrants, in collaboration with the Greek Forum of Migrants;

(e) A conference on “Immigration, Multiculturalism and Social Cohesion”, in collaboration with the Center for Progressive Policy.