Peabody Museum of Natural History

Collaboration support


For a three-year joint project with the Natural History Museum of Crete in Greece on the environmental study and protection of the Eastern Mediterranean area.

The Collaboration Initiative supports the exchange of ideas and expertise among faculty, students and curators of the two museums.
The objectives of the program include:
•    Establishing collaborative research projects between scientists and students of the two universities
•    Instituting a field-oriented summer study program for selected Yale University and University of Crete students to travel to Crete to study turtles
•    Exchanging best museum practices in public education and exhibit development
•    Developing two Niarchos exchange exhibits on biodiversity
•    Establishing a permanent Niarchos Discovery Center at the Natural History Museum of Crete
•    Establishing a permanent Niarchos Experimental Classroom at the Yale Peabody Museum.

The purpose of the project is to display the biodiversity of the other institution´s local region and to promote the Collaboration Initiative´s scientific and educational exchanges.